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Cercasi dentista per la Danimarca – Job offer publishing – Medicolink

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1 settembre 2015

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Sara Besze, I’m working for Medicolink, a Danish company, recruiting specialist doctors from the EU to Denmark. We have already recruited more than 100 doctors to Denmark and our services have very good reputation among both Danish hospitals and recruited doctors, since our intensive Danish course is considered to be the most effective and because we make huge efforts in order to make the candidates’ whole family getting integrated to the Danish society. Above this, our ethical code doesn’t only meet, but exceeds WHO’s and WMA’s regulations for international recruitment.

We are continuously searching for Italian specialist doctors and dentists for several  positions in Danish hospitals as well.

In regards  the profile of your audience we may provide valuable information for those who are seeking job opportunities abroad, especially in Scandinavian territories.

As I saw on your page it is possible to share career opportunities aiming odontologists. Currently we have a vacant post in Denmark for a general dentist.

I would like to ask for information about how would it be possible to share our job offer on your site?

In case of any questions, I’m available for further qualification.

Thank you in advance for your reply!

Best regards,

Besze Sára



Tűzoltó u. 59





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