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Job offer for GPs in the UK

30 maggio 2019



We are looking for Family Medicine (GP) doctors to the UK

Terms of employment

Full time salaried GP; British Medical Association (BMA) standard salaried GP contract.

Remuneration per year

£70,000 to £73,000 gross – during the UK Based Induction: 2 days/ week at the practice and 3 days/ week of

clinical and English education

£80,000 gross – once you pass the UK Based Induction and start working unsupervised 5 days per week

£90,000 gross – after one year of working independently as a GP

There is a possibility to work as a GP partner/owner in the future with salary up to £200,000 gross per annum

Duration of post

Indefinite. However, the expectation is that you will stay in your post for a period of at least three years.

The notice period is three months.

Hours of Work:

You will be contracted to work 37,5 hours per week.

Annual leave

30 days per year plus national bank holidays.

Medical indemnity

Full coverage of indemnity fees on average £8,000 per year.

The offer:

• Permanent contract of employment

• Tailored I&R training upon arrival in the UK

• Free of charge English course after the signing of the contract (5 – 12 weeks)

• Visits of NHS representatives during the course

• Free of charge travel to the Paragona Campus in Poland and back

• Scholarship during the course in the amount of €900 net per month, free accommodation, free lunches,

free study materials

• Free online English course for family members

• Support with settlement (finding an apartment, schools, kindergarten and etc.,


• Specialist degree in General Practice / Family Medicine recognized in the EU

• National of the EU/EEA


If you are interested, register at our website www.paragona.com ; or contact us info@paragona.com





Klaudia Turczyn



Al. Jana Pawła II 29

00-867 Warsaw, Poland

email: recruitment@paragona.com
tel. + 48 22 653 66 86
Internet: http://www.paragona.com/

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