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Saudi Arabia/Khobar: Job Offers for Young Specialists

3 ottobre 2018

Dear Doctor,

our company has been recruiting doctors for healthcare employers all around the world since 2001. Currently we have the following offer for you:

Saudi Arabia/Khobar: Job Offers for Young Specialists 

Our client is a Saudi hospital group planning to open a new hospital in Khobar in the first quarter of 2019. Khobar is regarded by many as the most beautiful city of Saudi Arabia. If any doctors wants to start at an earlier date the hospital group will try to accommodate them in a hospital in Riyadh first and later on move them to Khobar.

Our client is currently looking for doctors who have recently reached their specialization in one of the following specialties: ICU, ER, NICU, Anesthesia, Cardiology, General Surgery, OB/Gynae (only women), Orthopedic, Radiology, Laboratory

The maximum age for candidates is 59 years. The minimum duration of contracts is 2 years. Also a good level of English is a prerequisite for these positions. 

Salaries range between 25000 SAR to 40000 SAR/month (about 5800-9300 Euros, resp. 5100 to 8200 pounds) tax free depending on qualification and experience. In addition to this there are various benefits: Family accommodation, Health insurance for spouse and 2 children, Education for 2 children between 6 and 18 years of age if they are enrolled in Saudi Arabian schools, yearly return tickets from Khobar or Riyadh to home country.

Best regards

Nina Komaniecka 


German Medicine Net sp. z.o.o. sp. kom.
Ul. Krolówej Korony Polskiej 24 m. 100
70-486 Szczecin – POLAND
Telefon: 91 4455720

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