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PARAGONA company is looking for family medicine doctors to the Northampton.

2 aprile 2019

Dear Sir/Madame,

Please kindly publish job offer from Paragona Healthcare Recruitment company.

PARAGONA company is looking for family medicine doctors to the Northampton.
As part of a national drive to increase GP numbers, NHS England in cooperation with Paragona has completed a successful pilot project to recruit 25 European GPs to work for the NHS in Lincolnshire. The next phase of the project will now see a hundred GPs recruited to work in practices across the NHS Central Midlands region.


£70,000 gross per year (~£4100 net per month) – during the UK Based Induction: 2 days at the practice and 3 days of clinical and English education per week

£80,000 gross per year (~£4580 net per month) – once you pass the UK Based Induction and start working unsupervised 5 days per week

£90,000 gross per year (~£5060 net per month) – after one year of working independently as a GP

There is a possibility to work as a GP partner/owner in the future with salary up to £200,000 gross per year.

We offer

ü   Free of charge English course after the signing of the contract (5 – 12 weeks)

ü   Visits of NHS representatives during the course

ü   Free of charge travel to the Paragona Campus in Poland and back

ü   Scholarship during the course in the amount of 900 EUR net per month, free accommodation, free lunches, free study materials

ü   Free online English course for family members

ü   Support with settlement (internet, bank account, finding an apartment, school and kindergarten etc.,)

ü  Full coverage of indemnity fees on average £ 8000 per year.

ü  You will be entitled to join the NHS pension scheme to which the employing practice will contribute.

ü  NHS will pay your relocation expenses to the UK up to the amount of £8,000.


ü   Specialist degree in General Practice / Family Medicine recognized in the EU

ü   National of the EU/EEA

ü   Communicative level of English

 The job offer and contract that you sign will not be broken or changed to your disadvantage due to Brexit. The training that you will undergo will ensure that you enter the NHS family and gain the same professional status and support as a British trained GP.

We do not charge the candidates for our services!
More information available in FAQ!

Visit our website www.paragona.com, contact us via email info@paragona.com or register at https://www.paragona.com/healthcare-jobseekers/registration/

Kind regards,

Klaudia Turczyn



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